Our portfolio is composed by technology-based companies that offer innovating solutions addressing  identified market needs.

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Myotest was founded in 2004 to measure and improve performance of top athletes based on utilization of accelerometers. 
The company is backed by venture capital and private investors.  In total USD 15M have been invested. 
The company has managed to generate USD 8M revenues by selling devices to top athletes across the world.  We chose to focus on the small high performance users market before addressing the mass market. 

Over 10 scientific validations and more than 50 publication were carried out by university labs all over the world and 8 patent families have been filed.  We have chosen to open our software to third parties early 2014 based on the success encountered in elite sports, on scientific recognition and finally on the quality of the IP protection.


Method and device for assessing muscular power (base patent Myotest device)

Method and device for controlling an accelerometer (architecture & test structure)

Method and device for controlling the rate of displacement of a mass (muscular profile; S4P)

Method and device for optimizing the training of athletes (stride analysis; key parameters – strength, stiffness, …)

Method and device for analyzing biomechanics parameters of a stride (stride analysis, training program)

Method and device for detecting asymmetries in a movement (healthcare application)

Athletic Performance Monitoring Device (master-slave configuration)

Expert system

Number of people working for Myotest:

  • 4 active Board Members
  • 6 internal staff
  • 9 external (2 Business development, 3 R&D, 4 Validation Biomechanics)
  • Scientific Partners: EPFL Lausanne (Switzerland), ETH Zürich (Switzerland), INSEP Paris (France), University of St. Etienne (France), West Virginia University (US), Memphis University (US), University of Connecticut (US), University of Kyoto (Japon), University of Innsbruck (Austria), University of Nis (Serbia), University of Brussels (Belgium), University of Liège (Belgium)

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"Swiss company which develops and commercializes mass market mobile phone accessories designed for electronic protection of objects, people and animals:

  • Know-how and quality innovative products at the service of people on the move
  • Perceived competitive advantage lies in the seamless mastering of the connectivity of wireless devices using Bluetooth® and other wireless protocols with all popular standard mobile phone or smartphone platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc.
  • Swiss-quality production protected by an international copyright

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"Osmotex offers technology, solutions and IP within electrokinetic movement of liquids in capillaries and porous bodies. The company was founded in July 2008 and is located together with R&D partner CSEM (www.CSEM.ch) in Central Switzerland."

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Brief description of product/service

CombaGroup is developing an innovative technology to grow locally and sell all year long a lettuce that is fresher and of a superior quality.


Our clients are food growers, processors, retailers, and service operators (e.g. restaurants).
Our initial target group is salad packagers.

Growth plans

We built a 600 m2 pilot greenhouse nearby our office in Molondin,Vaud Canton. It is currently running and delivering test productions to our two first clients in Switzerland and in France.
A contract for a one hectare greenhouse in France is being signed with our French client, and we are working on a 5000 m2 project with our Swiss client. Further growth (2-4 ha) is foreseen with each of these clients, and we are as well having strong inputs for potential new customers all over Europe.

Our target is to have 40 hectares of greenhouse under management by 2020.

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"Xemtec provides utilities and systems integrators worldwide with efficient, fast and economical smart metering. Solutions are based on its non-invasive AMR retrofit Comet Optical Meter Readers, coupled to innovative communication devices (e.g AMR Loggers) and software packages. Its customer list includes many of the largest utilities in Western Europe, with a growing customer and reseller base across the Middle East, Far East and North and South America."

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