With the skills and contributions of its partners, Venturi brings to its platform all the efficient and complementary support tools, allowing the company to focus on its own strengths. Each company has its own combination that adresses its needs in order to reach the success.

Being housed at Vivier means top quality advantages, with administration areas, workshops and all the infrastructures necessary for smooth operation of industrial enterprises which have significant development needs. These services mainly include:

Capacity, logistics and visibility Connectivity, essential services Coordination and maintenance
  • Car park
  • Conference rooms
  • Equipped offices
  • Workshop area
  • 150 seat auditorium
  • Merchandise storage area
  • Events organised by Vivier
  • Internal telephone system,
  • Wiring and internet network,
  • Heating, water, electricity,
  • High speed Internet connections,
  • Restaurant with affordable prices
  • Access and conference room management,
  • Centralised reception
  • Car park management
  • Caretaker (including cleaning of working surfaces),
  • Maintenance contract.


  • The core business of CPA Group is to address the industrialization needs of its own companies and its customers, from SMEs to multinational companies
  • Innobridge contributes through its extensive knowledge and long-established networks..

  • Innobridge actively supported and financed more than thirty startups in the past 10 years
  • CPA Group is composed of more than five companies at different maturity stages
  • Gonset Holding has proven skills in distribution, real estate and deployment of franchises

  • In order to faster acquire clients, the partners share their networks with the company, giving access to leaders able to purchase innovative products
  • Companies can take advantages from the administrative support services from Gonset Holding and CPA Group

  • Optimizing the financial means is a key factor to development. The experience acquired by Innobridge in this matter will benefit to the startup


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