CPA Group SA

Founded in 2002, CPA Group is a holding that promotes the development of high-tech industrial companies through a combination of high added value skills and jobs.
Its subsidiaries, employing over 150 people in the different sites, are mainly active in the photovoltaic, semi-conducting, medtech and watchmaking fields.


Founded in 2004, Innobridge SA is a company positioned as a consulting-partner specialized in innovation management, business development, partnership creation and finance engineering. Innobridge has an extensive know-how in evaluating business opportunities and taking advantage of emerging technologies.


The Gonset group is active in the financial and real estate sectors. In the financial sector, Gonset Holding takes care of liquidity management by reinvesting in participations and in the commercial real estate. Its real estate subsidiary is owner of a forteen shopping centers park, a warehouse and some land reserves.

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